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Posted on: December 17th 2021

News from the Head Teacher

News from the Head of School

As the term and the year draws to a close I have been reflecting on all the positives the Autumn term has brought. I read back through the newsletters that have gone out this term intending to pick out one or two highlights but found every paper was filled with amazing learning experiences, children supporting each other and a whole range of activities that show how the community supports the school and in turn the school supports the community.  So before we move forward into the new year I wanted to say some thank yous.

Thank you to the children who embrace every opportunity with enthusiasm.

Thank you to the team in school who have worked tirelessly in pursuit of excellence.

Thank you to FOHBS for giving their time and energy to raising funds for the school.

Sadly though we will be saying goodbye to some valued members of our team.

We will miss Miss Grabham greatly as she embarks on new challenges and although Mrs Poynter has been with us just for a term she too has made a big contribution to the school. 

I do hope you all have a safe, healthy and wonderful Christmas holiday. I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.                        

Joanne Crocker

Executive Teaching Head of School 


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Performing Arts Festival Posted on: 17/06/2022

Performing Arts Festival

Performing Arts Festival The Redstart Learning Partnership Performing Arts Festival 2022 For the first time 150 Pupil’s from all schools associated with The Redstart Learinng Partnership enjoyed the opportunity to tread the boards at the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton.  The invited pupils celebrated performing arts in all its forms, enjoying the day at a professional theatre benefiting from the opportunity to perform on the stage in front of a live audience.  The children participated in a number of workshops hosted by two industry professionals Carolyn Tudor and Stuart Fox-Chaffer.  Carolyn provided singing workshops and Stuart took the children through their paces with dance workshops. The morning was spent singing, dancing and rehearsing their own performances which were performed in the afternoon’s variety show, watched by family members.  The children involved also performed this year’s Sing Up Day song ‘Love as our Guide'.  The performance was a rousing and uplifting experience for those involved and watching.  The pop anthem explores themes of kindness and of being a person you can be proud of, it also acknowledges the difficult times we've been through, but together, with resilience and by being kind to ourselves and others, we will make it through. Going forward Redstart schools will use this song on International Sing Up Day on 29th June and will perform it along with hundreds of other schools around the world.  Supporting the performing arts festival was the fabulous artwork from the winners of The Redstart Learning Partnership’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee art competition.  Adorning the walls at the Brewhouse the Jubilee themed artwork was displayed for all to see and enjoy.  The competition was judged by Suzzanne Flack (CEO of The Redstart Learning Partnership), Sue Lennox (a talented local artist who has created many amazing murals across the Trust schools) and Ethne Staniland (Trust Curriculum Lead for Art). The entries were exceptional and certificates were awarded for each year group (from Reception to year 6). Including a certificate for Sienna from year 5 for her fabulous entry. A spokesperson for The Redstart Learning Partnership said:  ‘The performing arts festival was such a wonderful opportunity and experience for the pupils involved and great for families to share in the experience.  It was the first year all our schools have participated in a performing arts festival and it was a phenomenal success.  Our thanks go to the staff involved in planning and preparing for the day and in particular Hannah Czeres, Curriculum Leader of PE who pulled the day together and Ethne Staniland for her work on the Jubilee art competition and also the parents for their support. We are so immensely proud of our pupils.  It was an absolute joy to see them shine on the professional stage”.  Kate Caldecott, Assistant Head of School at Minerva Primary School said: "What a fantastic day full of talented young people! The children of the schools in The Redstart Learning Partnership were simply brilliant! They thoroughly enjoyed taking part in dance and singing workshops and loved performing on stage in the Brewhouse Theatre. Hannah Czeres, Curriculum lead for PE said:  “Two years ago we had an idea, we wanted to organise a performing arts festival across the trust with creative workshops and the opportunity for children to experience performing on a professional stage. Covid hit and that idea went on hold... Today, 150 children across 10 schools got to experience workshops with incredible industry professionals Carolyn Tudor and Stuart Fox-Chaffer, rehearse with a professional theatre team and perform on a theatre stage to an audience. For the first time ever, all 10 schools have collaborated together and the children had a wonderful day. Thank you so much to everyone involved”.    Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
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