For Nursery specific policies please visit Nursery Policies.

Trust wide documents including our Scheme of Delegation, Annual Accounts and Reporting can be found on the Trust website

Trust wide policies including our privacy satements can be found here. 

Paper copies are available on request.

Trust-Wide Policies, statutory documents and key documentation

For Trust-wide policiesstatutory documents and key documentation please click on the linked wording to visit The Redstart Learning Partnership website.

The list of Trust Wide Policy Documents are:

  • TRLP Acceptable Use Policy
  • TRLP Admissions Policies & Procedures Sept 17 
  • TRLP Allegations Management Policy
  • TRLP Anti-harrassment and Bullying Policy
  • TRLP Asbestos Management plan
  • TRLP Board & Committee Terms of Reference 
  • TRLP Charging and Remission Policy
  • TRLP Code of Conduct for Governance Representatives 
  • TRLP Code of Conduct for safeguarding children (Staff version)
  • TRLP Code of Conduct for safeguarding children (Volunteer version)
  • TRLP Complaints Procedure & Guidance 
  • TRLP Expenses Policy Board and LAB members
  • TRLP Intimate Care Policy  
  • TRLP Intimate Care Procedure
  • TRLP Performance Management Policy 
  • TRLP Privacy Notice for Staff Records
  • TRLP Privacy Notice for Pupil Records
  • TRLP Recruitment & selection policy  
  • TRLP Teaching & Learning Policy 
  • TRLP Induction arrangements & support staff probation policy
  • TRLP Data protection Policy 
  • TRLP Publication Policy
  • TRLP Appraisal policy
  • Risk Management Strategy
  • TRLP Equalities Policy 
  • TRLP Maternity, paternity, adoption, parental leave, SPL policy 
  • TRLP Medical Conditions Policy  
  • TRLP Whistleblowing Policy 
  • TRLP Health and Safety Policy (including Infection Control)
  • TRLP Volunteers in School Policy
  • Keeping Children safe in Education 
  • Child Protection Policy

View our Trust Wide Policies 

Policies Date  
SEN Information Report - Hatch Sept 23 01st Sep 2023 Download
E Safety Policy 01st Jun 2023 Download
Hatch Beauchamp Uniform Policy 5.1 SSH Agreed 01st Feb 2023 Download
Attendance Policy 01st Feb 2023 Download
Asbestos Management Policy 2023 01st Feb 2023 Download
Hatch 7.7 SEND Vison Policy 01/12/22 01st Dec 2022 Download
Child-on-Child Abuse Procedure Trust Sept 2022 05th Sep 2022 Download
Keeping children safe in education 2022 01st Sep 2022 Download
Behaviour Policy Principles 28th Feb 2022 Download
Asbestos Management Policy June 2021 30th Jun 2021 Download
Marking & Feedback Policy June 2021 30th Jun 2021 Download
NQT Induction Policy June 2021 30th Jun 2021 Download
Hatch Beauchamp Medical Policy 10th May 2023 Download
Hatch Beauchamp Safeguarding and Child Protection FINAL July 2023 18th Mar 2024 Download
Hatch 6.2 Accessibility Policy 11th May 2023 Download
7.9 HB Relationship Sex and health 23rd Jun 2023 Download
Hatch Beauchamp First Aid Policy 13th May 2020 Download
Hatch SEND Vision Policy 10th May 2023 Download
3.5 Education and Childcare Fees Policy Final Signed DHC SJF 1 18th Apr 2023 Download
Equalities Policy Statement & Objectives 27th Mar 2023 Download
TRLP Trustee Code of Conduct Final Signed DHC 10th Mar 2023 Download
7.7 TRLP SEND Vision Policy Final Signed EC DHC 17th Nov 2021 Download
4.7 Attendance Policy Final Signed DHC 03rd Nov 2021 Download
Admissions Arrangements 2021/22 07th Sep 2021 Download
Hatch SG poster 13th May 2021 Download
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