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News from the Trust Posted on: 28/05/2021

News from the Trust

Dear Parents and Carers The first half of the summer term is the shortest of all the school terms but this year has been one of our most important. For our children settling back into school routines and experiencing both renewed friendship and renewed learning has been our greatest priority. Whilst this has of course come with some anxieties for adults and children alike we are so proud of how your children have settled back into school life. I am sure, like you, we are yearning for greater freedoms and we trust that the Government will feel able to keep to the proposed timetable. In building back together, and hopefully building back stronger from our shared experiences over the last 15 months, we perhaps realise even more the importance of connections and relationships that we have missed during this time. Perhaps we will never take for granted the simple act of hugging friends and family ever again. As a Trust of nine schools we belong to an organisation called the Confederation of School Trusts. This enables us to share and learn with thousands of schools up and down the country. At a recent on-line conference Kate Green OBE, Shadow Secretary of State, delivered an important message:  “Schools are one of the only public services that will touch all of our lives; they are one of the most powerful means we have to shape the life chances of every child and the life of every community.” We absolutely agree with this statement and every day in as many ways as we can we support your children to be the very best they can be in character, in attitude, and in their learning. I hope you all enjoy the half term break and fingers crossed for some sunshine!        Sue Rogers    DCEO, TRLP  Categories: 1 CategorySchool News
Bikeability - Year 6 Posted on: 5/05/2021

Bikeability - Year 6

Y6 Bikeablility On Wednesday the 28th of April, Y6 did Bikeability. It was really fun, we learnt lots of new things that we had never done before. We talked about what you need to know to be safe and then before we started to ride our bikes we did a bike check to make sure our bikes were safe to ride on the road. We tested our brakes that controlled the back and front wheel, to make sure that they stopped the bike properly. Then we made sure that the wheels were pumped up properly. In the morning we went on the playground and went around the cones, making sure we had control of our bike. Lastly we checked the chain was on properly. Then we practised u turns, looking back and seeing what number our instructor, who was called Graham, was holding up and we also took our hands off the handlebars to use hand signals to tell drivers where you are going. By this point we had finished level 1. Each time, before we went on the road, we did a bike check. We went out of the school and onto the road to do the next activity. First we went down the road and did u turns on the proper road. Our instructor said a rhyme to help us to stay away from cars in case they opened their door. “A car door and a bit more or you’ll end up on the floor.”  After that we went on a busier road and practised more u turns and where on the road to stop when there is a car. We did different circuits in different places practising u turns and making sure to look before we did. We also made sure to look in driveways.   Then we went to an even busier road! We practised u turns once more there but each time we had to wait for so many cars!  Lastly we got to an even trickier part, we had to guess where the t in the road was. It was hard but we managed to do it.  Now we had completed level 2.  We came back to school and Graham said we passed! We really liked Bikeability and wish we could do it again.   By Alice and Maisie  Categories: 1 CategorySchool News

2 Blog Posts found

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